Q: What is “pishing?” Does a birder pish in the woods?

A: “Pishing” is the act of imitating a bird call. It is used by birders and ornothologists to attract birds. Yes, a birder pishes in the woods, amongst other places.                  

If you’re not familiar with the phenomenon of pishing, you would get a kick out of seeing grown men and women making loud hissing noises through their teeth that sound like, “Pissshhh, Pissshhh.” We think it attracts birds. Others think it attracts ribbing -- as in, “people are pishing AT you, not WITH you!” Nevertheless, it works, and so we birders bravely pish on.

In the spirit of the holidays, The Pishing Birder has ingeniously created the perfect holiday gift for birders -- the world’s first pishing song:

“Jingle Bells for Birders,” by The Pishing Birder

Now for only $0.99, you can enjoy the sound of pishing as:

*a song for your library

*an email greeting to a friend

* a ringtone for when your favorite birders call!

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Current Catalog

“Jingle Bells for Birders”- song 1:21 

“Jingle Bells for Birders” - ringtone 0:30

“Auld Lang Syne” by The Pishing Birder - song 1:08

“Happy Birthday” by The Pishing Birder - song 1:06 

Coming soon:

“The Hills are Alive With The Sound Of Pishing”

by The Pishing Birder -- Featuring the Von Trapp Family Pishers!

4 out of 5 doctors recommend Jingle Bells for Birders.

*Warning: Use of this product may result in uncontrollable pishing.

Please consult a doctor if pishing lasts for more than 4 hours.



The Pishing Birder

The Pishing Birder